Now, more than ever, STAR makes sense to ride.

New Customized STAR Routes

New STAR routes are also forming all the time! If we don’t have an existing route that matches your schedule, we will work to create one.

If you know others who live and work near you, who have the same schedule and are interested in a new route, we can help reach the necessary numbers to start a brand new STAR route.


STAR is very affordable, on average $4-6 a day, all-inclusive. We offer three fare levels: monthly, daily, and part-time. Fares are based on the length of the route and the size of the vehicle.

When compared to driving your own vehicle, the costs of fuel, tolls, and parking, STAR really ‘shines’! When we find a specific route and seat for you, we can provide you with an exact fare.

Many employers provide their employees with a commuter benefit that can cover all or part of the fare.  Some employers allow you to deduct your STAR fare from your paycheck before taxes creating an added discount for you.

Check with us, and we can tell you if your employer is on our list.

Win-Win Benefits

STAR routes that travel into and out of Harris County also use the extensive network of HOV and Diamond lanes to help reduce your travel time.

You are also automatically enrolled in the Emergency Ride Home program, as a STAR customer. If you have a midday emergency or unscheduled overtime, you get to take a free ride home! Now, that’s peace of mind. All you have to do is call Customer Service. By becoming a STAR customer you will also be making a major contribution to your community by saving energy, reducing congestion and improving air quality in our region.

Joining STAR is a win for everyone! Simply fill out the online STAR registration

Please email for questions regarding METRO's service.